Composer Corner is a Musical Management application. A central location to manage your music, META Data, Contacts and Submissions to Music Publishers and Music Supervisors.

Do you want to keep track of your contacts from music publishers, music supervisors for Film and TV, record companies, film directors or producers? Are you tired of keeping track of countless contacts written in documents, spreadsheets, filed in folders, or on sticky notes surrounding your monitor? This tool can solve your problems and help to keep track of your contact information.

Main Features.

Easily add and update contacts.

Create a list of your musical catalog.

Easily keep track of the music you have submitted to contacts.

Schedule a date and time to call back.

Set action reminders.

Information security - for your eyes only.

Composer Corner is written by musicans for musicians.

We understand the challanges of remembering who you spoke to, emailed, what material you have already sent them, and when you are suppose to followup with them. Composer Corner can help you keep track of it all.

Trusted by our clients all over the world:

Composer Corner Contact Management System (CMS) has been the perfect solution for me. I battled with keeping track of my music business contacts using multiple spreadhsheets, text documents and hand written notebooks. But none of them were effective. I would lose contact information, send the same music to the same company, and miss important calls and meetings. I don't have that problem anymore.
Joe (composer)
Los Angeles
I have used other Contact Management Systems before, but not one designed specifically for songwriters and composers. What a terrific website tool. I can manage my business from anywhere. The support staff at Composer Corner is fantastic. They answered all of my questions quickly. This tool has helped me manage the business side so well that I have more time to write music. That is an awesome thing!
Sally (Songwriter)
Boston Massachusetts
Great website! Terrific tool! I work with songwriters and composers for Film and TV placements. This tool has helped me keep track of the countless submissions I do. The META Data Manager which I constantly use to download the META data on my music has saved me countless hours!
Rick (Music Publisher)
I won't forget what I have sent a Publisher or Music Supervisor again. Composer Corner has come to the rescue. I don't have to worry about how I am going to keep track of the business side again.
Allen (Composer)

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